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10 August 1999, Volume 21 Issue 4
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    1999, 21(4):  1-16.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-124
    Abstract ( 1182 )   PDF (1622KB) ( 1428 )  
    This article traces the development of applied mechanics and its relation to science and engineering by reviewing first the history of mechanics from 1600 to 1900, the physics of the 19th centurys and the engineering education in the same period. The review is followed by a discussion on modem physics and modern engineering, and the formation of applied mechanics as a discipline in science and one in engineering, which is classified into 94 subjects in 10 categories by Applied Mechanics Reviews. The article...
    1999, 21(4):  17-23.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-125
    Abstract ( 1123 )   PDF (655KB) ( 584 )  
    Recent, accidents show that traditional design and assessment of engineering structures could not gUarantee their safety after damaged. People try to introduce new redundant criteria to solve the problem.The concept and definition of redundant criteria are very complicated and on the development. Redundancy is defined in this article. Varied redundant criteria are classified, their characteristics and applications are also reviewed. Finally we discuss some concepts related to redundancy.
    Application study
    1999, 21(4):  24-26.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-126
    Abstract ( 1101 )   PDF (219KB) ( 517 )  
    The true solution for the bearing capacity factor, Nγ, due to soil self-weight has not been assessed, By use of equivalence of limit analysis method and limit equilibrium method, the most dangerous kinematically admissible failnre mechanism is elaborately constructed, resulting in the upper-bound solution for N. as low as possible. The effects on Nγ of the inclinations of load, footing base and ground surfaCe have been evaluated. Approximate closed-form expressions for these modifiers are suggested and comp...
    1999, 21(4):  27-29.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-127
    Abstract ( 1010 )   PDF (211KB) ( 573 )  
    This paper investigates the rectanggulor plate loaded under uniaxial uniform compression with the unloaded edge to be liped. The influence of lip width, length to width ratio of plate and lip's rotation resistance capacity to buckling stress are explored.
    1999, 21(4):  30-31.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-128
    Abstract ( 1185 )   PDF (255KB) ( 681 )  
    Based on the micro-analyses of the fiber distribution geometryl shear deformation and microcrack initiation for the unidirectional composite, the characterization and measurement methods for testing the fiber/matrix interfacial strength and fracture toughness of mode 11 are proposed. These methods are simple, feasible and can predict reasonable results.
    1999, 21(4):  38-38.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-131
    Abstract ( 981 )   PDF (142KB) ( 474 )  
    In the starting processes of vibrating machines a curious phenomenon which is named as retarded resonance often occurs. In this paper the analytical analysis and digital simulation are made to account that phenomenon.
    1999, 21(4):  39-41.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-132
    Abstract ( 1079 )   PDF (236KB) ( 560 )  
    A method is introduced to calculate the dynamic strain of the mooring anchor chain in collision and some related problems are discussed.
    1999, 21(4):  42-46.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-133
    Abstract ( 965 )   PDF (345KB) ( 627 )  
    A continuous model on head dliven tail take-up belt conveyor is set up and its vibration properties are analyzed. Computer simulation work is done to check the results.
    1999, 21(4):  50-53.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-135
    Abstract ( 1335 )   PDF (186KB) ( 544 )  
    In order to take into account the influence of support's elastic deformation, the curved beam in structures of bridge or building is analysed as spring supported. The internal force equations are derived and the influence of spring support on internal force is analysed.
    1999, 21(4):  54-55.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-136
    Abstract ( 1200 )   PDF (182KB) ( 519 )  
    In this paper, fundamentals of magnetic force's effect, characteristic of new magnetic materials and classical isolation theory have been synthetically studied. According to the above-mentioned study, we have developped a magnetic suspended isolating device. Moreover, we have studied its mechanism and specific property.
    1999, 21(4):  56-58.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-137
    Abstract ( 961 )   PDF (323KB) ( 648 )  
    This paper presents a formula, which is derived from the theory of strain wave, to calculate the seating stress for the low-mass fuel injector without push-rod. It is illustrated that the calculating results by the formula well tally with those in practice. Therefore, the formula could be used as a basis to design a nozzle and to select the needle valve opening pressure for the fuel injector without push-rod. Meanwhile, the new formula presented in this paper also solves the contradiction that the needle va...
    1999, 21(4):  59-61.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-138
    Abstract ( 1032 )   PDF (224KB) ( 657 )  
    Multinomial regression is used for modelling static characteristics of sensor. F check shows that the method is good and practical.
    1999, 21(4):  62-63.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-139
    Abstract ( 956 )   PDF (165KB) ( 584 )  
    The damage locating method based structural dynamics parameter has been a focus problem, but has no feasible solving method until now. The present paper finds that the variable for locating damage should be a type of local variable, and meet the following two basic requirements: 1) to be sensitive to local damage. 2) to be a monotonous function of location coordinates. The first order variational relationship about structural strain is found, from which a feasible mothod for locating damage can be obtained.
    1999, 21(4):  64-64.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-140
    Abstract ( 1073 )   PDF (251KB) ( 598 )  
    The constant life fatigue curve equation for structural steel smooth specimens is presented. Based on the equation, the article presents a new method by which constant life fatigue diagram of structural steel smooth specimens can be obtained, so long as material data for S-N curve of symmetry cycle (r = -1) are determined. When compared to traditional method, constant life fatigue diagram based on constant life fatigue curve equation can reduce fatigue tests by 60%~70%.
    1999, 21(4):  65-65.  doi:10.6052/1000-0879-1999-141
    Abstract ( 1118 )   PDF (164KB) ( 570 )  
    This paper points out that the c constant of Paris equation must be varied with system of units adopted when fatigue life is calculated.