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  • Mechanics in Engineering first published in 1979. It is administrated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese, Academy of Sciences jointly as the responsible institutions. It covers general fields of mechanics, with the widest circulation among journals devoted to mechanics in China. Its focuses are on progresses of mechanics and its interdisciplinary fields, applications in engineering, teaching notes on mechanics, profiles of scientists of mechanics, history of mechanics, interesting anecdotes, book reviews and others. With its unique features as distinguished from similar journals in China,keeps the following regular columns:
    Reviews of special fields: the current state and prospective of major topics in mechanics and its interdisciplinary fields.

    Application studies: applications of theories and methods of mechanics in engineering: new topics of mechanics cropped up from engineering practice. 

    Studies of mechanics teaching: reform of teaching methods, curriculum, teaching notes.

    Everything about mechanics: profiles of prominent scientists of mechanics, history of mechanics, interesting anecdotes, book reviews, academic activities, introductions of academic institutions, science news, and others. The emphasis is on the popularization of mechanics knowledge.

    The journal takes engineers, research workers, teachers and students in colleges and universities as its core readers, helps enrich their mechanics knowledge and open a wide horizon, and encourages academic exchanges. The papers published in the journal usually feature simple language for theoretical explanations, variety in styles, conciseness and vividness. The journal has won the fondness from a wide readership since its foundation, and serves as their good friend.

    From the year 2008 on, high grade coated paper is adopted by the journal, with a new cover design for every issue, featuring a prominent topic in the issue. 

    The five Chinese characters for the name of the journal are written by famous calligrapher Fan Zeng.

    It is a key magazine of China technology as cited by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, and a Chinese core periodical as cited by Peking University Press.

    Sponsored by the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

    and Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sicences,

    ISSN 1000-0879, CN11-2064/O3

    Published by:Editorial office of Mechanics in Engineering

    No.15 Beisihuanxi Road, Beijing 100190, China


    E-mail: lxsj@cstam.org.cn

    Managing editor: Man Hu

    Press Corrector: Man Hu, Yonghui Wang, Xiguo Liu

    Assistant editor: Yonghui Wang, Xiguo Liu

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