Mechanics in Engineering ›› 2004, Vol. 26 ›› Issue (3): 0-0.DOI: 10.6052/1000-0992-2003-094

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  • Received:2003-03-21 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2004-06-10 Published:2004-06-10

Abstract: This paper proposes a three-dimensional analysis method in local regions of the left ventricle by using tagged MR imaging. The imaging slices are taken in long axis and short axis of LV wall. At least two parallel slices are prepared in each axis. The material points of interest are traced between different phases of beating heart. Two points are chosen on each intersection line of image slices which surround the trace point. Three-dimensional displacements of a point on an intersection line are derived from the two-dimensional displacements on the two perpendicular slices. By use of the interpolation function of a hexahedral element in FEM, the displacement and deformation gradients are derived from the displacements of eight nodes. Displacements of points at systole with respect to diastole can be calculated as a sum of each displacement between each phase of beating. Green's strain is also obtained by using a product of deformation gradient between each phase. The proposed method has an advantage of reducing the time of calculation by not tracing all nodal points of the finite elements in the LV wall.

Key words: magnetic resonance, left ventricle, strain